What is Satsang?

What is Satsang?

Literally, satsang means the company of truth seekers. The Sanskrit word Satsang is composed of two words  sat = true, sanga = company.

What is Dialogue?

The meaning behind Satsang, Meditation and Dialogue.

In the English world we call it “Dialogue.” So what is the meaning behind Satsang or a Dialogue inquiring into what is the absolute reality? In the context of inquiring for the highest truth, for true dialogue to take place participants must first have a true desire for honest and sincere self inquiry, then suspend assumptions, without attempting to score points and win an argument. True dialogue is to listen to the meaning and intention behind and beyond someone’s words while suspending and observing our own judgments or conclusions of and about what is being said.

Dialogue requires a safe space for the participants to be able to be vulnerable and allow for the questions and inspirations to rise spontaneously. To create such space we must come to the dialogue with no set agenda in mind and treat all participants as equals.

What is Meditation? Meditation believe it or not happens naturally in our daily life. If you are driving on a highway for a long time, washing dishes, watching a baby sleep or dazing int the horizon, etc. you are probably meditating and not aware of it.

For example, when watching a sunset, there is at first you and the horizon and the sun setting. Soon you find yourself absorbed and giving your full attention to the sunset. Watching that sunset (are you there?) your personality (personal being) dissolves and what is left is only the watching….the horizon, the sea, the sun setting all this is now aware of itself by itself. Are you still there watching the sun set or have you dissolved into it? Did you notice how, whenever you are giving full attention, the self-center from which you are observing dissolves and is absorbed? There you are your true Self knowing all that is. It-Self.

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