How To Plan Without Stress

Planning is a normal thing that we all do. We plan our trips, our shopping lists, our careers.  These are normal things that are non personal actions. Sometimes when my calendar is full and my actions are all planned out, my mind begins to fill with what ifs and cants. What if the trip is cancelled, what if the car breaks down on the way back from my shopping trip, what if I don’t get that promotion.  Suddenly my ability to think clearly ceases and I am overwhelmed with thought of doubt.
Last month, I found a group on with a session titled, How To Live With A Peace Of Mind And Without Stress! The session was a couple hours on a Saturday in a beautiful part of San Diego.  I invited a neighbor and went with an open mind.  I became aware that day of something so simple, yet profound.  I met kind people, and I had dialogue with others who had similar experiences.
Who/What Am I with Albert Nahmani teaches being present and aware during our daily activities. Planning is a non personal, non stressful thing.  Our minds can sometimes subtly slide into conversations about what if causing doubt and worry.  Why does this happen, how can I recognize it?  If our mind is conditioned to recognize this action we can become aware of it.  Understanding how to recognize the difference of what is and what if may allow the worry to be lessened because it is just a thought, it is not happening now.
Recognition of this subtle sliding is a technique I plan to practice and master.  I invite you to join me for a free Dialogue/Satsang  with Albert Nahmani and Who/What Am I.  Find us on or visit for more information.
Christina Canann
member, student, believer in myself
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