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How To Plan Without Stress

Planning is a normal thing that we all do. We plan our trips, our shopping lists, our careers.  These are normal things that are non personal actions. Sometimes when my calendar is full and my actions are all planned out, … Continue reading

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Embracing Your it possible to do what you love and love what you do?

Have you ever heard the saying, “do what you love and the money will follow”?  When I first heard this I didn’t believe it could be true. I had a passion, but I was obsessed about having to make enough … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to my website! Please bear with me as my son and I update the rest of the site. We are very excited about all that the site will contain.                     … Continue reading

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First Blog Post Test

Poetry taken out from Albert Nahmani’s novel “ Manna, The New Jerusalem.

“Like the invisible flower bud in the winter patiently waits for the sun, Consciousness beckons us to awaken to our true self, and, like the sudden blossoming of a flowering tree in springtime, awareness miraculously seems to bloom in us until a new paradigm-shift takes hold of the masses and changes the world.” Albert nahmani

“Like the soaring birds,
We too must carry on until the end,
Before we can fly back home.
We must first exist and die a thousand more times until we have fulfilled our heroes’ callings,
still echoing in our mind, vibrating in our body and thundering in our soul.
Only then,
Can we digest our ancestor’s leftovers;
Nail their loose ends,
Break free from their shackles and ours
So that our minds can at last
Be still and at peace.”

“See my sons how the full moon, bathing in the lake, surrounded by mountains, splashes a pure light into the dark valley Sharpening its frozen edges and those of our knowing.
As we return to Jerusalem , we too shall bare naked our minds and receive the light deep into the creases of our hearts.” Albert nahmani
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